South Kensignton Project

South Kensington Garden. 2018

I love this secluded oasis in the middle of the city.

As a garden designer, small gardens can be particularly challenging. Everything will be seen close up, so any shortcomings in the design will be very obvious.

The brief for this garden design project was clear: the clients wanted to create a private area for entertaining family and friends. The area had been neglected for a few years, with overgrown plants and whatever structure there had previously been largely lost in them. So the first step was to clear the site and see what we already had….

From conversations with the clients, I quickly established their preference for a simple white colour pallet and a formal look – a long way from what they’d started with! I agreed with their choices: simplicity in small areas is always good. That is why I left some existing plants, such as Jasminum polyanthum or Hedera helix Eva, to be re-trained. I added to this theme other plants, such Japanese anemone and hydrangeas, for a long flowering display. Ilex crenata, trimmed into topiary, enhanced the formality of the overall design, as did window boxes with topiary plants.

The result was a lovely space to spend time outdoors: alone or with guests.




Westminster Secret Garden