Irrigation Systems

I’ve been fascinated by irrigation since training as an Agricultural Engineer in southern Spain. There’s more rain in the UK, but irrigation can still help you keep your garden in peak condition.
It’s important to understand that irrigation systems need to be tailored to a garden. For example, it’s only after assessing the type of soil you have and the types of plants you have growing in it that I’ll be able to recommend the correct water application method, in-line drip or sprinkler.
I design and install irrigation systems for all sizes of garden and outdoor space. I also provide follow-up support if required, with visits to connect the system and programme the computers at the beginning of the season, and again to disconnect everything at the end of the season (essential to avoid frost damage) – with call-outs in between if needed.


It’s worth remembering that irrigation systems don’t entirely remove the need for watering during hot dry spells. But they will give you peace of mind during those weeks you’re away or just can’t find time to get out in the garden. 
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