Garden Maintenance

I love gardening, and I would spend all my time doing it if I could. In practice, my team and I can only offer regular garden care in select areas / the areas shown on the map below

A gardener’s work is never done: there is always something to do at any time of year. We don’t just mow the lawn and weed the flowerbeds, we cut hedges, trim topiary, prune trees and shrubs, care for your kitchen garden, maintain pots and planters, clean patios, look after the health of your plants, and lots more. We only use battery-powered tools, which are cordless (so we don’t need access to a power supply), quieter (so we don’t annoy your neighbours) and kinder to the environment.
Visits are a minimum of four hours if it’s just one person, two hours if it’s two people. We can also provide month-by-month maintenance guidance if you’d like to take a lead on looking after the garden yourself.


Drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.